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I really love this office. They are always kind and happy. Also they have snacks always ready and a movie playing if you get bored. I really like this office.

They are very affordable,fast,and have some of the fastest working "technology" in braces so far. TSOrthodontics is the best place i had heard of to get braces and we went with them and have yet to be dissapointed

TS orthodontics is amazing! I have had my braces since December of 2013 and my MARA appliance a short while after that. Whenever I see someone i haven't seen in a while, they comment that my whole face has changed because of my braces and my appliance. I like my brace much more than showing my crooked teeth because i feel more confident in them. So thank you so much TS orthodontics, for bringing me confidence and straight teeth! :)